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I’m a photographer, wife, and mom (to four human children, Augie the bullmastiff, Sugar the shepherd mix, and Bob the New Caldonian crested gecko). When I’m not photographing dancers, editing images or running my business,  I’m schlepping my boys to climbing practice and ballet, playing with the dogs, watching Netflix, reading medical essays, or snacking on Haribo gummy bears.

My first camera was a Kodak 110 (with flash cube) when I was nine years old, but my first 35mm camera was my mother’s Canon AE-1, which I used to study and fall in love with film photography throughout high school and beyond. For years I developed my own film and spent countless hours in the darkroom with chemicals, timers and enlargers. Over the years I learned development techniques and honed creative skills.

People are my passion, and I photograph ballet dancers. I studied ballet for ten years when I was younger, and my 17-year-old daughter is a trainee with the San Francisco Ballet.

My ballet portraits show the artistry, technique, athleticism and beauty of the ballet dancer’s body.  

Me and my youngest child, Eli.

Me and my youngest child, Eli.